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Marks of Honour - 13 contemporary photographers create a striking library



MoH/08 will be shown in international galleries and museums, to make it accessible to a broad public. It is a medley of the library itself, multimedia-reproductions of the work and large format “inspiration-sketches”.

The exhibition consists of three levels:

Original works
Multimedia presentation
photographs, drawings and reproductions

Text will be an associational element between the different artworks and will carry the visitor through the exhibition-room.

A documentation of the inspiration source of every invited artist and a complete reproduction of the original photobook with it’s complementary homage will be accessible on computer screens. A catalogue is published by



Exhibition MoH/08 at FOAM Amsterdam

Opening thursday 28th may 2009

Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 551 6500

"Thirteen international photographers were invited to choose a photo book that was influential in forming their work, and to pay it artistic homage. All the participating works show a wide spectrum of enthusiasm for photo books and the variety of inspiration sources drawn on by international photo artists. Limited to three copies, each work contains the original photo book and its complementary homage. In sum Marks of Honour 08 constitutes a singular library and a system of reference on the most enduring influences as well as the freshest in contemporary photography.

To make it accessible to a broad public, Marks of Honour 08 will be shown in various international galleries and museums. The exhibition is a medley of the library itself, multimedia-reproductions of the work and large format ‘inspiration sketches’."



Exhibition Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery, Cologne

Opening 17.7.2009 7 p.m.
Albertusstr. 26, 50667 Köln